The BISMUN Conference is part of Romania’s campaign for the United Nations Security Council, which aims for its election as a non-permanent member for the 2020-2021 term.

The candidacy’s motto: “A Long-Term Commitment to Peace, Justice and Development”, includes the main pillars of the United Nations and reflects the approach pursued by Romania during its probable mandate. Romania has continuously proved its valuable input towards the achievement of this particular goals and it’s prepared to take responsibility of a new term.

Bearing in mind the importance of youth inclusion and the role that future generations have in decision making processes, we have pledged our support to this important target assumed by Romania. Moreover, on December 2015, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2250, regarding the significance of youth in the prevention of conflicts and peace building, while urging member states to take action in this direction.

BISMUN 2018 is one of the main events associated to this campaign, organized by its main partner, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and took upon itself to promote this candidacy.

For further details on this topic, please check the official website of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Romania’s Candidacy for the UN Security Council



The 10th edition of BISMUN brings new and exciting experiences for its participants. To mark Romania’s campaign for a non-permanent member seat in the 2020-2021 term, this year’s conference will simulate the 2018 Security Council elections!

This is the first time that such a simulation is held within a MUN and it will challenge the delegations of 7 countries to campaign against each other to win the vote for a position in the 2018 Security Council.

The states will compete by regional blocs:

African Group: South Africa

Asia-Pacific: Indonesia vs. Maldives

Latin America and the Caribbean: Argentina vs. Dominican Republic

Western Europe and Others Group: Germany vs. Belgium vs. Israel


The delegates that will take part in the campaign will be those of the respective countries within the General Assembly committees (DISEC, SOCHUM and SPECPOL). They will work together, within the delegation of their country, and lobby within their committees to convince the other GA members to vote for them in the last day of BISMUN during the General Assembly.


The campaign will have two main focus points:

  1. The actual campaign that the states are running in real life
  2. The 2030 agenda

The first part of the campaign will be centred around the real-life campaign of the states that are running for a non-permanent member seat. The delegates will have to make a general framework for the campaign using the points tackled in the actual campaign.

The second part will be the lobbying within the GA committees, which will have as a focus the past implication of the state within the UN but also how the countries’ input can be beneficial to the Security Council.

Finally, during the General Assembly, the actual election will take place, but not before having a debate between the competing delegations. The discussions are going to be centered around one of the SDGs, one that is going to be relevant for the region taking part in the debate.

UNSC Election Guidlines

Click here for the UNSC Election Guidelines